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Purple Urkle comes from Mendo Purps pheno and is native to the notorious green triangle in northern California. It is characterized by unusually long orange hairs covering small, dense, purple nugs when properly grown and harvested. The color is a purple much like that found on quality strains of Lavender, although despite common misconception, the two are not related.

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Purple urkle strain is a California medical scene cut that is dated back to the late 1980’s, the Urkle (also called Purple Urple, and Purple Urkel) is thought to have come from the Mendo Purps line.  It’s a slow-vegging plant that almost always turns a deep shade of purple by the time it’s finished. It’s the purple plant of choice for many, as it’s known for being more potent and flavorful than many of the others.


Thought to be a phenotype of Mendocino Purps.

Strain Type

Indica-dominant hybrid


Purple Urkle is thought to be an inbred line dating back to at least 1989, possibly quite a bit earlier.  Its origins are thought to be that of a pure Indica, likely coming from Afghanistan or Pakistan.  It made its way into the NorCal medical clubs in the mid-90’s and has been going strong ever since, being crossed into a wide variety of strains due to its unmistakable coloration, smell, and overall stability.


Skunky and sweet dark fruit fragrance with notes of nag champa incense.


Grapey, sweet, and musky — Urkle is the gold standard Purple taste for many people.

Qualities/Health Benefits

Very relaxing and mood elevating, it’s generally not as narcotic and drowsy as many Purple strains.  In smaller dosages, it can be a very functional strain, but at higher dosages, it can indeed get extremely relaxing to the point where sleep can result.  Great medicinal value for general relaxation, anti-anxiety, appetite stimulation, sleep aid, and pain relief.

Growing information

Grows bush-style, grows very slowly in vegetative state and doesn’t quite double in height when in flower.

Flowering Time

8 weeks

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    Wow just got a sack of purple urkle; new to this area, the color is mind blowing; nice dense nugs. Reminds me of the stuff I used to get when I lived in San Fan, which fits w/ this Cali strain. Soo relaxing, helped with some chronic pain issues. I’m a seasoned smoker and have had stronger strains, but this seems to work on another level. Highly recommended.

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